KOBELCO, a Core member of the Kobe Steel Group, which is also a Fortune 500 Company, is a globally renowned name in the Excavator Industry. Kobelco Hydraulic Excavators are known as the most Advanced & Premium Brand of Excavators in India. It offers a wide range of Excavators staring from 14 to 84 Ton Class with impeccable features & models which have proven their worth across the globe. The Machines offer latest technology from Japan & represent the best combination of sophistication with ruggedness. The robustness of the equipment is proven through this being a Geospec Machine(the specification of the Excavator being same across the Globe),which performs in all applications under different Operating and Climatic Conditions. These machines are equipped with Most Fuel Efficient Latest Euro III Engines. Their Fuel Efficiency makes them the most competitive product today and the superior emission controls enables them to be environment friendly equipment.