How to Choose The Best Forklift For Your Business

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When choosing the type of forklift truck, many doubts arise. Since it is an important expense for a company, it is advisable to assess various aspects. You can select the one that best suits your needs. In this article, you will find the keys to be able to decide properly.


Is it for outdoor, indoor use or both?


Godrej Forklift Parts use different types of fuels: diesel, gasoline, electric and LPG (thermal). Because both gasoline and diesel produce toxic fumes, they are not recommended for use in confined spaces. Regarding the surface, there are also differences to highlight. The electric trucks are designed for smooth, flat and dry surfaces. On the other hand, thermal forklifts allow its use on both flat and uneven surfaces and on the outside or inside.


How much maneuvering space does the truck have?


You must know if it is going to be used in small spaces, between fixed shelves or corridors. This feature along with the type of work performed by the truck will determine the type of configuration you need: retractable forklift, stacker, counterbalance.


What is the weight and size of the loads you have to handle?


It is an important point to assess since those that can handle greater weights generally suppose a greater cost. It is advisable to select the one appropriate to your charges; otherwise, you will not be taking full advantage of the investment made. The load also influences the type of fuel to be used. Therefore, for loads of more than 2,000 kg, the use of thermal forklifts is recommended.


How high should you handle the charges?


You must take into account the needs you have today and those you may have in the future. In addition to paying attention to the dimensions of doors, shelves, containers, ceilings: in general all the places where you must pass and reach the forklift.


But you will always have to take into account the age of the Godrej Forklift Parts and hours of use it has, as well as the ease of finding spare parts and many other variables. With all these points analyzed you can decide in an appropriate way which is the best forklift for your company.



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